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Super NipSavers

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Super NipSavers - Your choice:
12 Pair $6.95, 24 Pair $12.95, or 48 Pair for $22.95

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Super NipSavers = No more sore, bleeding nips! Super NipSavers provide excellent, economical protection against nipple chafing, abrasion, rubbing, and irritation. *Economical *Convenient *Simple to apply and remove *Thin *Light weight *Invisible Clear or Skin Beige available *No lumps, bumps or other giveaways *Available in Tan or Clear NipSavers are held in place with an adhesive that can last through a long endurance event, but is pliable enough to be easily removed afterwards. Sold in convenient twin row strips. Our special "teardrop" design (patent pending), allows for easy application and removal. NipSavers, proudly Made in the USA, are your best choice for nip protection!

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